Utilities and Construction Practice Guide

13 Statement of Work                           

Safety Guide for Utilities, Patrol and Construction

Best Practices Safety Guide for Utility Flight Helicopter Operators-Canada

Safety Culture and Professionalism

19A Statement of Work                        

Report – Helicopter Safety Convictions and Culture           

Safety Bulletin – Setting Right Example            

Safety Bulletin – Precautionary Landings           

Safety Bulletin – Growing a Just Culture            

Essay – Creating a More Effective Safety Culture           

Essay – A Few Thoughts About Pilot Complacency           

Dissertation - Developing Safety Culture or Implementing a Safety Management System?          

Video - Pressure Points: Commercial Helicopter Pilot Decision Making-FAA

Video - Pressure Points : Aeromedical Helicopter Pilot Decision Making-FAA  

YouTube Video – Land & Live             

Develop Airman Certification System for Rotorcraft

30 Statement of Work                          

Competency-Based Trng & Assessments for Initial Pilot Training

117 Statement of Work                         

Safety Leaflet – Risk management in training                

Safety Leaflet – Teaching and testing flight simulation              

Understanding of Basic Helicopter Aerodynamics

124 Statement of Work                                     

Safety Bulletin – Maneuver Initiation Envelope             

Safety Bulletin – Energy in Autorotations                     

Safety Leaflet – Helicopter performance            

Safety Leaflet – Helicopter airmanship              

Safety Leaflet – Off Airfield Landing Sites